Equine Super Goo Natural Sunblock

Equine Super Goo Natural Sunblock

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Equine Super Goo Natural Sunblock cream with essential oils and soothing emu oil.

It contains zinc oxide, emu oil, rose geranium essential oil, lavender essential oil, almond and coconut oil. All these combine to produce a high SPF to stop those nasty sunburns. Plus if your horse has already suffered a sunburnt nose this will help heal it. Don’t forget those white and pink legs too as they will need a sunburn cream.

Some Testimonials regarding the Super Goo Natural Sunblock

”Hi Elizabeth 😊 Just wanted to say (along with so many others) that your products are amazing! My boy now doesn’t mind having his sunblock on - he used to react just to me saying the word or seeing the tub, now is pretty relaxed and if he does put his head in the air it’s only for a second, no tantrum’s anymore 😅 His nose has never been in better condition through a hot summer like we’ve had. It got rid of some scabs after just a couple of days of using it. The goo is amazing and I’m just about to order the insect repellent. Super happy with these products, thanks so much “😁Leeza

“Awesome stuff! My pony usually hates sunblock and wipes it off. She’s hasn’t tried wiping this off yet.” I Martens

I'll have to get a photo but I brought a pot of your sun block a week ago and I'm very impressed. I was using the usual zinc type blocks and it kept crusting up in her nose and looked awful now her nose is lovely clean and soft, I love it!” A Boyt

"Hi Elizabeth thank you for the sunblock it smells amazing! I used it yesterday and the ponies let me willingly put it on which is a first". M Sutter