Care instructions

Regular maintenance: Dry between rides. Place the item with the lambskin face up in a cool environment. Once the item is dry, lightly brush it with a gentle brush (such as the Alan Davies all purpose brush) to brush out the dirt and help keep the lambskin fluffy.  

Washing: While suitable for washing, regular washing is not advised - rather follow the above instructions.

When washing is essential, ensure the item is washed in a cold wash with a wool detergent. If you are to use a washing machine then place the item in a laundry bag or a pillow slip to minimise the damage on the lambskin by the washing machine.  We do not recommend you wash in any washing machines with agitators as these can easily damage the lambskin. Remove excess water by squeezing the water out. Please do not brush or pull sheepskin fibers while wet. Please do not use bleach.